Lewis Hamilton, dream penthouse sold at an unbelievable price: you will be amazed

F1 driver Lewis Hamilton has sold a dream penthouse at an unreasonable price: you will be truly amazed

He is one of the most successful sportsmen ever, as well as one of the highest paid in the world. Also for this reason he can afford a dream penthouse, without ever living in it. The Formula 1 driver put it up for sale and sold it for an unreasonable price. Really unbelievable.

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Lewis Hamilton, dream penthouse for sale: the price is beyond belief (Source: Instagram)

Lewis Hamilton’s dream penthouse

Lewis Hamilton is among the greatest drivers of all time. Together with Michael Schumacher, he is the most successful in the history of Formula 1 with 7 world championships won. He is also the driver with the most victories, podiums, pole positions and points in the history of the competition.

He has a very aggressive driving style, in qualifying he is very fast, while in the race he always aims to keep the lead. It is also famous for its dexterity in the wet. All features that make him a complete and very difficult driver for rivals.
He is currently under the Mercedes and has the race number 44.

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Lewis Hamilton

Being one of the most successful pilots in the history of F1, is also one of the highest paid in the world. The heritage Hamilton’s is truly priceless. Among its properties stands out a attic dream.

Located in New York, it consists of three floors with a huge glazed terrace for a total of over 2,700 square meters. Inside there are five bedrooms, six bathrooms (plus two service ones), a private swimming pool, a library and even a professional kitchen. The three floors can be reached via an internal and private lift.

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Despite being a dream home, the Mercedes driver has never lived in it. Also for this reason he decided to put it up for sale. The initial sales figure was almost 43 million pounds, or about 48 million euros, but then it dropped to 43 million euros to close the deal. However, the buyer remained anonymous and the purchase was handled by a Seattle-based company.