Lgbt: Gaycenter, ”let’s fight heterophobia’, posters posted against us

”Attack posters were posted during the night at the entrance to the headquarters of the Gay Center association in Rome. The signature is that of an extreme right-wing organization, Azione Frontale, already known for actions of this type and of an anti-Semitic value”. He denounces it in a Gaycenter note.

“The posting of posters against our association by Azione Frontale continues to occur, this time with the writing ‘Enough of the lgbt+ imposition’ – he adds – These slogans recall those of the Nazis and Fascists against the Jews, or those of the white supremacists in America. These are very serious writings against our association, Gay Center, which for years has managed the national toll-free number against homobistransphobia Gay Help Line 800 713 713, which today is a service for the Municipality of Rome, also supported by the Lazio Region and Unar- Ministry of Equal Opportunities. Our daily commitment to support the victims is perhaps a threat to those who want to continue to discriminate unchallenged. For this reason we ask the Government to dissolve the organization Azione Frontale, as permitted by law, for his continued discriminatory and anti-Semitic actions”.