Lgbt: pro-life flash mob in Turin, dolls in shopping trolleys

”While a handful of “rebel” mayors, with some journalists, VIPs and representatives of LGBT associations, gathered in Turin for the event “The City for Rights”, to instigate the violation of the law with the transcripts registry offices for children of same-sex couples, thus opening the doors wide to rented wombs, but also to egalitarian marriage and adoptions for same-sex couples, we at Pro Vita & Famiglia have organized a gathering in Piazza Castello, a few meters by their assembly, to defend the rights of women and children”. So Jacopo Coghe, spokesman for Pro Vita & Famiglia Onlus.

”Our flash mob brought rainbow mayor masks to the square, a maxi flag that covered Piazza Castello with a drawing of the family and shopping trolleys containing money and dolls with a barcode. Because this is the consequence of the transcripts: paving the way for the rental uterus, i.e. the commodification of the body of women, treated as slaves, and of children, considered as products to be purchased as in a supermarket. The transcripts are a political blackmail to which we do not want to give in, they are a “pardon” on the skin of children. These mayors would like to give priority to ideological whims, to the detriment of true rights, those of children”.

”Agreeing to transcribe birth certificates for ‘children’ of gay couples only serves to give an adult recognition of parental status, therefore not to give minors a right but to certify a privilege that adults have literally had at all costs, with the uterus for rent. Do the mayors Roberto Gualtieri (Rome), Beppe Sala (Milan), Gaetano Manfredi (Naples), Stefano Lo Russo (Turin), Matteo Lepore (Bologna), Dario Nardella (Florence) and Antonio Decaro (Bari) know this? Do they know what fate they impose on women and children? Furthermore, with today’s meeting, they embraced the requests of the local authorities registered in the Re.a.dy network, i.e. a reality that proposes adoptions for same-sex couples, precisely the uterus for rent, but also the career alias and gender projects in schools throughout Italy”.