Lgbtq+, Pd: “We will not let Meloni ‘Orbanizzi’ Italy”

The tweet of Brando Benifei, head of the dem delegation in the EU. The note from the members of the intergroup for the protection and promotion of the rights of LGBTQ+ people: “Government takes obscurantist path”

“The Meloni government confirms itself as an ally of Orban: with the European Commission’s appeal against the Hungarian law that discriminates against LGBTQ+ people, 15 countries of the Union have taken sides, Italy is not among these. In past years, our country has always positioned itself in Europe on the side of the advancement of rights, for this reason we will press the government to change its position, we will not let ourselves be ‘organized’ without reacting!”. As Brando Benifei, head of the Pd delegation in the EU, on Twitter. “On homosexuality, abortion, civil rights, Italy does not deserve to sit with Orban’s Hungary instead of among the pillar states of the European Union that embody and defend democracy and its values ​​in the world. #Meloni think again, so it damages the country. Indeed, the nation”, relaunches in a tweet the Senator of the Pd Valeria Valente. “The European Parliament and 15 member states are suing Orban’s Hungary for human rights violations against LGBTIQ+ people. Meloni’s Italy does not participate and sides with the most backward countries in Europe. What a shame”, he writes Therefore the MEP of the Pd Alessandra Moretti on Twitter.

“The Meloni government makes a choice of sides and sides with Orbàn and his law that cancels LGBT+ people, establishing an absurd censorship that prohibits showing minors, both in the media and in schools, any content relating to different sexual orientations “, then write i and le members of the intergroup for the protection and promotion of the rights of LGBTIQ+ people Alessandra Maiorino, Alessandro Zan, Chiara Appendino, Anna Bilotti, Laura Boldrini, Anna Laura Orrico, Bakkali Ouidad, Carmen Di Lauro, Cecilia D’Elia, Dolores Bevilacqua, Elisa Pirro, Emma Pavanelli, Fabrizio Benzoni, Federica Onori, Gilda Sportiello, Giorgio Fede, Giulia Pastorella, Ilaria Cucchi, Ivan Scalfarotto, Marco Pellegrini, Rachele Scarpa, Riccardo Magi, Sabrina Licheri, Stefania Ascari, Susanna Camusso, Michele Fina, Barbara Floridia, Antonio Nicita, Andrea Quartini, Silvia Roggiani.

“By the will of the ruling right, Italy does not join the European Commission, the EU Parliament and 15 member countries who support the case for violation of human rights before the Court of Justice of the European Union. Italy is the the only founding country of the Union not to take the side of rights, thus moving away from traditional alliances and choosing an incomprehensible proximity to the rearguard bloc of the European Union”.

“The ultra-obscurantist road taken by the Meloni government can only arouse concern, not only regarding the rights of LGBTQI+ people in our country, but the general political orientation undertaken. Our commitment as parliamentarians is aimed at launching a challenge to the government so that it finally also reaches Italy to recognize all citizens full equality before the law, as in all that part of Europe to which Italy has always belonged”.