Liam Neeson: ‘That’s why I said no to James Bond’

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There are few valid reasons to say no to James Bond. One of them, of course, is love. After revealing that he had previously turned down the role of the popular 007 agent in the film saga based on the novels by Ian Fleming, Liam Neeson told The Times the reasons that were behind his great rejection and that paved the way for Pierce Brosnan. Reasons that have a name and a surname, those of Natasha Richardson.

Natasha Richardson’s no

The actress was Neeson’s girlfriend at the time and it was she who convinced him to turn down the role. As? Very simple: telling him that if she accepted him, she would not marry him. The fault of those that Neeson, during the interview, defined as the “beautiful girls who in various countries enter and leave Bond’s bed”.


The offer arrived on the table of Neeson’s agents in the early nineties, after the great success of Schindler’s List. But at the time the actor had other priorities and at the top of his list was certainly that of marrying Natasha Richardson, with whom he would get married in 1994, would have had two children and would have shared a very important part of his life up to the her death in a skiing accident in 2009.


However, the no to James Bond did not slow down Neeson’s career, who has built a very solid curriculum in the action genre. Even today, who is 70 years old, he is one of the most popular and appreciated actors in the genre. In this sense, Neeson revealed the truth about his action scenes: “They say I do my own stunts, but it’s not true. But here, the pile of dollars is very pleasant. And I’m certainly not getting younger.”