Libero mail and Virgilio today, Italiaonline: “Mailboxes now accessible”

“Progressive reinstatement of messages sent to our users”

Free and Virgil mail are now accessible. Italiaonline announced it in a note. “We are managing the progressive replenishment of messages sent to our users in recent dayswhich will be delivered progressively depending on the behavior of the mail providers who have handled the traffic of the emails in the last few days”, underlines the company.

As for access via the Libero and Virgilio email apps, “it is now fully available for Android users, while it is not yet complete for iOS users, who can still alternatively access the email service via webmail, or on the or websites. With the opening of all webmails to our users, an important step has been taken in restoring access to messages and data. At the same time, the return to full functioning of all functionality, even considering the accumulated traffic load. From day one, our priority has been to protect the integrity of our users’ data”.

“We will continue to communicate through our touchpoints until the situation is completely resolved. In the meantime, a toll-free number dedicated to questions from our users is available: 800 591 829”, underlines Italiaonline.