Liberty Rider, the guardian angel of bikers

It’s not fantasy, it’s not even pessimism: it’s what happens, and often, to those who travel on two wheels for pleasure or necessity. One figure is enough to understand the extent of the problem: in Europe motorbikes represent 2 percent of vehicles on the road but they are involved, together with their riders, in 20 percent of road accidents. Numbers fully confirmed also by Italian cases. A lot has been done in terms of safety, a lot is still to be done because fate can’t see beyond your nose and that’s why ideas like those of Liberty Rider are always welcome.

What it is and how it works

It is a smartphone application capable of detecting a motorcycle accident and starting an emergency call in a very short time. Developed by a group of French enthusiasts, Liberty Rider in 7 years has created a community of over 750,000 users for a total of 1,000 kilometers monitored and protected every hour, saved more than 300 lives, helped 7,000 people, prevented 9,000 accidents due to unforeseen cornering . Active in our country thanks also to the collaboration with the IMA Italia Assistance assistance centre, in just nine months the number of calls managed by the control system was impressive: over a thousand and in 50% of cases it was a question of managing injuries quickly which could have even serious consequences. The procedure in case of detection of a problem is simple but effective. The assistance center calls the mobile phone on which it detected the fall three times to be able to ascertain the seriousness, in case of no response, the rescue starts automatically.

A 360 degree app

But the system manages and interprets the entire journey including coffee breaks, activates automatically, warns of the approach of a dangerous curve and is not linked to the motorbike but to the smartphone. In short, not a simple GPS, but a tutor with enormous potential, whose functions are continuously expanded. Liberty Rider, in fact, is now capable of transforming itself into a real navigation system that records routes, stores travel memories by archiving photos, can send text messages to a preset number at the beginning and end of a of a lap or share the position with it in real time, to reassure those who stay at home. It is also possible to set the driving modes by choosing between fast, fun or balanced, leaving the choice of the itinerary to the application but giving free rein to the moods of the moment. And if you have the luck or the ability to come across enviable paths and the necessary altruism, well, there is the possibility to share them with the community. The application is free but the advanced features cost 3.99 euros which can however be included in the IMA Italia vehicle assistance plan.