Libya, militiamen surround the prime minister’s palace in Tripoli

Sources to Adnkronos: “Tensions but no coup d’etat”

Tensions tonight in Tripoli, where some militias have surrounded the buildings of the institutions. This was confirmed to Adnkronos by sources in Tripoli, who categorically exclude that a coup d’état is underway, after images of armed men surrounding the office of Prime Minister Abdelhamid Dbeibah appeared in some Libyan media.

Members of the Libyan presidential council and President Mohammed Menfi were transferred to a safe place after reports of assaults on their homes by armed militias in Tripoli, reports Sky news Arabia, citing Libyan media.

The tensions arose after the head of the presidential council Mohammed Menfi yesterday replaced Abdul Basit Marwan in his role as supreme commander of the Libyan army, from the post of commander of the military zone of Tripoli, appointing Abdel Qader Mansour in his place. . A legitimate decision and also a right choice, the sources underline, since Marwan was considered too tied to the period of the war against General Kalifa Haftar, but contested by the militias who believe they have been deprived of their “protector”. But what has been happening in the last few hours would actually be a consequence of the impossibility of holding the presidential elections on December 24, the postponement of which will be officially announced next week.

A perspective that opens up a new question at this point: no longer what will happen with the elections, but what will happen in the absence of elections. And at the same time, the militias send a message to Dbeibah to clarify what his intentions are.