Libya, storm and floods: 2,000 deaths feared

The city of Derna was submerged, two dams collapsed: thousands were missing. Tajani: “At the moment there are no Italians involved”

Yes they fear at least two thousand deaths due to storm Daniel and the floods affecting Cyrenaica, in eastern Libya, where the city of Derna was submerged by water. This was stated by Osama Hamad, prime minister of the self-proclaimed government of eastern Libya, quoted by the Libyan media and the broadcaster al-Jazeera. According to him, thousands of people are missing.

Two dams have also collapsed in Derna, the city council said, and videos shared online show entire residential blocks destroyed along the river that flows down from the mountains and through the center of the city. The triggering cause was Hurricane Daniel, which also hit Turkey and Greece in recent days.

“The Italian Government is carefully following the consequences of the floods in Libya. We are in contact with the Libyan authorities to evaluate the type of aid to be sent immediately to the Libyan people. At the moment we are not aware of any Italians involved”. Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani wrote it on ‘X’.