Licia Nunez, do you know this is not her real name? Here’s what her name is

Do you know that Licia Nunez is not really called that? Let’s find out what the real name of the castaway is.

Licia Nunez has been a castaway from The Island of the Famous for a few weeks. The reality show started on March 21 with the conduct of Ilary Blasi, flanked in the role of commentators by Vladimir Luxuria and Nicola Savino.

Licia Nunez, this is not her real name: let’s find out what her name is (Credits: youtube)

Nunez didn’t have an easy time when she arrived in Honduras. She has shown that she has great strength and a lot of courage, so much so that when she became a leader, she was put in front of a test, who to choose not to eat. The decision fell on Roger and Estefania and led to a bickering. But it would seem that, despite the passing of days, a friendship has not been created between Licia and Estefania. The actress was then eliminated and moved to playa sgamada. We know her very well as she can boast an extensive career but you know that isn’t that really her real name? Let’s find out what it’s called.

Licia Nunez, this is not her real name: let’s find out what the shipwrecked woman of The Island of the Famous is called

Licia Nunez is an actress and TV host. She was very young when she made her show business debut in another field. In fact, at 17 she began working as a model to undertake an actress career immediately afterwards.

She worked on television as a co-host, presenter, we saw her competing in Dancing with the stars, at Big Brother Vip and now she is a castaway from The Island of the Famous. She boasts a very rich career, she has acted in the cinema and on the small screen, like her in At the end of the night, And I look at the world from a porthole, Goodbye Mama, Enchantment 6-7-8, Living, RIS Crimes Imperfect, The three roses of Eve, The pupil. We know enough about Licia both from professional and private life, but do you know this is not his real name?

licia nunez real name
Credits: youtube

We know her as Licia Nunez but her real name is Lucia De Curatolo. It would seem, as reported by Novella 200, that she acquired this stage name in memory of a person she met in Spain, where she had moved and started studying acting. Did you know the real name of the shipwrecked woman?