“Life changes forever”: the particular episode told by Fabio Fazio

Fabio Fazio told a particular episode that happened to him: “It changed my life”, what happened to the beloved TV presenter.

If the RAI public couldn’t wait to attend the second episode of Mina Settembre, they were equally anxious for the very first appointment of Che tempo che fa. For the twentieth consecutive year, Fabio Fazio will be live on Rai Tre with his unmissable Sunday evening program.

Fabzio Fazio. Credits: Youtube

On the occasion of tonight’s debut, Fabio Fazio spoke extensively to Il Corriere della sera, revealing a few more little ‘gems’ about this new edition of ‘Che tempo che fa’. In addition to explaining, however, who will be the next faces who will alternate in the Rai television studio and who will be the fixed appearances, the beloved TV presenter could not help but retrace the salient moments of the broadcast, bringing that interview to the surface. that literally changed his life.

“It is an event that changes a person’s life, not just professional, forever”, Fabio Fazio explained to Il corriere.

Fabio Fazio tells a particular episode: what he said

Only recently have we told you about the magnificent gesture that Fabio Fazio has completed, giving even more confirmation of his great heart, now we can not help but tell you the particular episode he told Il Corriere della sera. Waiting for the very first episode of Che Tempo che fa, the beloved presenter took stock of the situation on all the previous editions of the program. And he went through all those interviews that left a mark on him.

“Gorbachev, Obama, Bill Gates, Nobel laureates, my myth Walter Bonatti, Hollywood stars and writers”, Fabio Fazio said, making it clear how immense his link to this transmission is. “It was the program of my maturity and now of my old age”, he said. Among the many interviews that followed one another in connection or in his study, however, the conductor cannot help but remember one in particular. We refer to a very recent ‘chat’, dating back to last February, which strongly marked him: the interview with Pope Francis.

fabio fazio episode
Fazio interview. Credits: Youtube

Talking with Pope Francis was a very important event for Fabio Fazio. And that is why the conductor cannot fail to mention them in those unforgettable moments of Che Tempo that he does.