“Life is empty without them”: Massimo Ranieri moves everyone

Artist with an incredible career, Massimo Ranieri shared with his audience a memory that still touches him today: words that are thrilling.

His voice has marked the history of Italian music and, after almost sixty years of success, continues to be a source of pride for the artistic panorama of our country. It was back in 1964 when, still a kid, Giovanni Calone he sang in a bar. A discographer noticed his talent and proposed that he record an album.

Massimo Ranieri touching confession (Credits: RaiPlay)

From there a dream career would begin, made up of fourteen million records sold, 31 albums and 36 singles. After a couple of years, for everyone he would become Massimo Ranieri. Over time, hers also came to light versatility, who expressed passing from singing to acting, from conducting on TV to directing! In addition to his professional history that began with a tour in the United States when he was only 13 years old as the shoulder of the great Sergio Bruniits human history is equally interesting.

The singer of Losing love And If the city burned down is the fourth of eight children and hails from a very poor Neapolitan family. For this reason, before his big opportunity presented itself, he had worked since he was a child carrying out the most disparate jobs: newsboy, parking attendant, delivery boy, clerk, bakery boy.

The stage then turned out to be his ‘kingdom’ and every time it appears on TV the audience can only be happy. Especially for the sensitivity with which he is able to convey emotions, not only when he sings but also when he tells himself. One of the most touching moments concerning him is undoubtedly an interview with Sunday In earlier this year. On that occasion, Massimo Ranieri shared with the Rai Uno audience a very moving memory which is worth retracing.

Massimo Ranieri, “I miss them so much”: the singer moves the audience with his memory

Guest of Mara Venier last January in the Rai Uno Sunday afternoon lounge, Massimo retraced his extraordinary career together with the presenter. It is inevitable to talk about his own parents: his father, having understood his potential, has always encouraged him in the path he has taken, while his mother initially would have been a little more skeptical. “My father had gone white, he couldn’t believe his eyes,” he said about the first three hundred thousand lire earned with his first record deal when he was just a teenager.

As with every human being, the memory of two such important figures is indelible also in the mind and heart of Ranieri who, when asked by Venier about what moved him most today, had no doubts. “It moves me to talk about my parents, about these two pillars, I miss them. I miss them so much. Life is empty without them. They are our strength ”, replied the Neapolitan artist. Then, he expressed a reflection of great importance for everyone: “We do not give them the right importance when they are there. However, when they are gone … “.

With obvious emotion, Massimo said that despite his mother having been dead for 5 years, he never deleted the name ‘Mom’ on his cell phone. He admits that it is still nice to read that word even now when his brother calls him from their parents’ home. “When they fail you feel alone, you miss the ground under your feet. In recent times, I heard my mother four times a day, because she forgot about it – she remembers with great nostalgia – I called her, then I counted to four and she would call me back because she forgot we had just spoken. An indescribable tenderness “.

Massimo Ranieri moves
Massimo Ranieri thrilling revelation (Credits: RaiPlay)

Thrilling words that fully express all the sensitivity of an artist of depth like Massimo Ranieri.