Life totally changed for the actor: “I was a tiler”

Life totally changed for the actor: “I was a tiler”, the background that not everyone knows.

He is one of the most famous and talented actors in our country. The protagonist of some of the most loved fiction on our TV, there is a background that not everyone knows about his past.

Well-known actor (Instagram Credits)

It was he who told his story, who retraced the highlights of his life before his success. “I was a tiler, but it’s normal, you can’t choose where to be born, ”he said. Below are the details of his interview.

“I was a tiler”: the confession of the well-known actor

Depending on what the parents do you are sometimes referred. My father was a tiler, my uncle the tiler, my brother the tiler, my cousins ​​the tilers, and I was a tiler ”. In Silvia Toffanin’s studio, a few years ago, one of the Italian actors most loved by the public told some background on his humble origins. Before taking his first steps as an actor, he said he left school to help his family of tilers, as there was a need for manpower.

“You start like this, then you realize you don’t like it, it’s a job that kills your body, I didn’t like the place where I was, it felt a little cramped and I tried to dream beyond that country, even if I was welcomed from the beginning. So I left at 19 and then it went as it went ”. These are the words of Alessio Boni, who pointed out to Verissimo how, when his acting career began, he was not in the least used to that kind of success. “It’s not like I come from a family where I’ve had successesan uncle actor, or an opera singer .. They were proletarians, so having such sincere affection from the audience is an exciting thing ”.

During the chat with Silvia Toffanin, the actor also talked about his father and the teachings he passed on to him: “He always worked, he was a huge example”. An example from which he also took inspiration for his acting career: “I created this career of mine instead of brick by brick, tile by tile, I was used to it, little by little, from the small to the top. With great determination, but concentrated on the small tile, don’t think about the whole 200 square meter floor, think about the first tile, then later you’ll arrive at the end “.

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Alessio Boni (Credits Instagram)

During the interview with Silvia Toffanin, broadcast a few years ago, Alessio also revealed that he had been a policeman for 15 months and a babysitter for three months: both hard experiences, but which taught him something important. And you, did you know these interesting background on the Lombard actor?