Ligabue concert ex Campovolo: the lineup

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Presenting the concert of June 4 at the RFC Arena in Reggio Emilia through its social channels, Ligabue he declared: “We will try to celebrate together with all those who have been there in these 30 years, all the bands and musicians who have been with me”.

Between the first artists expected there is Piero Pelùwith whom he signed the piece My name is never again which we will certainly hear during the event. To follow, the presence of Elisawith which he recorded two songs: The obstacles of the heart And Willy-nilly. These two songs add to the lineup, which will also be expanded by the version with Francesco De Gregori from Long live Italy, a piece by the Roman artist also among the guests of the Ligabue concert. Finally, among the other guest stars we find Eugenio Finardi, Gazzelle and Loredana Berté, although nothing has yet been leaked regarding the songs they will perform with Ligabue. As for the lineup, it has not yet been formalized but it is possible to hypothesize it. In addition to the songs he will sing with the aforementioned guests, Ligabue will perform the most iconic pieces of his thirty-year career. Here are the ones we’re likely to hear:

  • Let’s dance on the world
  • You have a moment, God
  • The day of pain one has
  • Happy hour
  • Marlon Brando is always him
  • Lights of America
  • The smell of sex
  • The day of days
  • No fear
  • What time is the end of the world
  • I wouldn’t trade this life for anyone else
  • Obstacles of the heart (with Elisa)
  • Like it or not (with Elisa)
  • My name is never again (with Piero Pelù)
  • Some nights
  • What time is the end of the world
  • Long live Italy (with Francesco De Gregori)
  • Screaming at the sky
  • Little Star without sky

We specify again that this is a hypothetical draft (not in order of execution) of the lineup of Ligabue’s concert. It is possible, in fact, that there are other great successes such as You were beautiful, Between stage and reality, A blow to the soul to name three, perhaps through a medley. What we can venture, however, is that Ligabue can close the event with Screaming at the skysince he has already made this choice in the past.

Finally Ligabue after two years of postponements

Correggio rocker Luciano Ligabue is ready to take back the scene on Saturday 4 June at the RFC Arena in Reggio Emilia. The concert “30 years in a new day”, which should have been held on 12 September 2020 and, secondarily, on 19 June 2021, has been postponed twice due to Covid-19. This time, however, everything is confirmed and in the new Campovolo area on Saturday 4 June Ligabue will perform for his fans. There RFC Arena can contain up to 100,000 people and will have a slope of 5% in order to favor the visual and acoustics.

The next dates of Ligabue’s concerts

It starts on Saturday 4 June at the RFC Arena in Reggio Emilia, but next autumn Ligabue will also perform in some European cities. The concerts, actually scheduled for last May, have been rescheduled for the following dates:

  • Wednesday 26th October 2022 – Razzmatazz, Barcelona (recovery of 20 May 2022)
  • Friday 28 October 2022 – Cirque Royal, Brussels (recovery May 25, 2022)
  • Sunday 30 October 2022 – Bataclan Theater, Paris (recovery of May 26, 202)
  • Monday 31 October 2022 – Sheperd’s Bush Empire, London (recovery May 22, 2022)