Ligabue displaces everyone by talking about his son: “I had a huge sense of guilt”

In the course of an interview with him, Ligabue literally surprised everyone by talking about his son Lenny: what he said about it.

An open-hearted interview, the one that Luciano Ligabue let himself go to in Il corriere della sera. Some time after his docufilm ‘It went like this’, the singer talked about himself as never before to the well-known newspaper.

Ligabue talks about his son, the words displace everyone. Photo Source: Instagram

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Born in Correggio on March 13, 1960, Luciano Ligabue is one of the greatest Italian songwriters. Begun to take his first steps in the world of music in 1978 with the single ‘Cento lampioni’, the Emilian singer-songwriter has been able to collect a truly impressive success. So much so that even today, after 43 years from the beginning of his incredible career, he is among the most loved voices by all the Italian public. Everyone loves him, but very few know his story. Coming from a whole family, in Il corriere della sera, the good Ligabue told about the relationship with his mother and father. What kind of father is he? Here you are. It’s right on his son that, most likely for the first time, the singer-songwriter has let himself go to words that have blown everyone away.

Luciano Ligabue’s words about his son startle everyone: what he said

Married to Donatella Messori, known during her schooling in accounting, in 1991, Luciano Liagbue becomes the father of the young Lenny in 1998. Unfortunately, the love story with Messori ends a few years later – the two will divorce in 2002 – and, apparently, the relationship with his son it’s not what the Emilian singer-songwriter had with his father.

It is precisely to the young Lenny that, as we said previously, Luciano Ligabue addressed words that surprised everyone. In fact, at Il corriere della sera, the singer-songwriter explained how much the divorce from his first wife has strongly influenced the relationship with his firstborn. “And since I grew up in a family where people were fine together until death separated them, my son is also the testimony of a personal failure”, he told the newspaper. Also explaining that he feels a strong sense of guilt towards him. In short, words that are as unexpected as they are unsettling. And that left everyone speechless.

Ligabue son
Photo Source: Instagram

“We have several things in common: he also works in the music field and recently produced an album with my early band”, he concluded.