Ligabue on the stage of the RCF Arena: “A night to unroll memories and for civilization”

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It is the evening of Ligabue. It is the day we have been waiting for for over two years. Ligabue can finally cut the ribbon of the RCF Arena with its 30 Years in a Day. A revolutionary space, with a slope of five percent that allows an optimal view from any position. But it is not just a space for music, it is a new space for the city, which will thus be able to count on an area that can reach a capacity of over 103 thousand spectators.

Luciano finally on stage.

The covid has created the effects on each of us that we know. I suddenly realized that it was not possible to see ahead. Usually you never guess the future but if you have no clue to understand you can only look to the sides or back.
And so the book was born, A Story – Autobiography.
Looking back, I realized that I published too much, constantly sniffing the urge to tell. For the first time I stopped to see what I had done. It was a regeneration. I found myself reliving the same memories, I unrolled the tape, as if 62 years went by step by step. I also think about what my mother told me. And so the book was born. There is a feeling of gratitude for those who have allowed me to live this life. I would never change this life it’s a later song.
How did you choose the memories?

I also mention it on the back cover, no book contains anyone’s life but the memories that matter, at least for me, are all there.
You inaugurate an Arena in your land: would you like to be involved in its future?

It is not my Arena, but when Claudio Maioli left with this desire, which I shared, I followed him. Now I am happy to inaugurate this space. Will I be an art director? Now I tell you no but I have often proven wrong. I really care about this space, also thinking about Capovolo.
You will do Goodnight to Italy with Francesco De Gregori: with what spirit will you perform it?

I feel more and more sentimental and I have more and more respect for the things that don’t work in this country. Yet I feel more connected than ever to Italy.
My name is never Again today it remains relevant.

When we did it, and it’s 23 years old, there was total sentimental involvement. In the booklet of that song there was a map of all the wars going on at that time. When I learn that world arms spending last year broke all records, I can’t help but grieve. Where is the civilization? We are more and more of a bomb that goes off.