LIKE A STAR, the magic of cinema and the imagination of the circus on stage in Milan. VIDEO

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Wednesday 29 March in Milan, at the event LIKE A STARorganized by the agency MAP Communication, the new fashion, beauty, lifestyle, food&wine trends were presented with a concept inspired by the importance of dreaming, expressing oneself, having fun, transforming… and feeling like a Star every day! The art of show business and entertainment is capable of surprising, entertaining, astounding, transporting us into a unique atmosphere, where everyone lives and interprets what they see and hear through their own personality. And it is precisely the expression of individual uniqueness, through the choice of a dress, an accessory, a make-up and even a food and a wine, that makes each one special…just like a star! The CINEMA and CIRCUS stars transform, experiment, put themselves into play when they enter the scene, and among a thousand metamorphoses they remain faithful to their uniqueness, and it is in the wake of this mood that levent hit the mark and it was an overwhelming experience between two dream worlds.

During the day, who hosted over 200 peopleexclusive make-up experiences were organized with Nicoletta Pinnaone of the most famous fashion and celebrity make-up artists, and four other MUAs for brands CATRIX and essence. It was possible to experience the face and body treatment last generation Endospheres Evolution with a dedicated beauty specialist.

The chef David Camaioni he prepared a gourmet lunch and the wines of the group Ciù Ciù Tenimenti accompanied the day.

For the fashion trends, the footwear collections were presented Valleverde And Rafting Goldstarthe bags Valentino Orlandothe men’s and women’s clothing collections Pepe Jeansthe clothing collections produced and distributed by the company 2Brothers (Freddy Junior and Man, Bikkembergs Junior, Fracomina Mini, Gaudi Kids, TOP GUN Child and Man).

For beauty, the skincare brand was presented Seticreiwith the exclusive diamond powder line for luxury anti-aging treatments.

The guests

Among the guests well-known faces from the world of entertainment and many influencers and content creators, including the actress Beatrice Bruschi (SKAM ITALIA), the fashion designer Georgette Polizzi and the model and influencer Joan Abbotwho were special guests of CATRICE, the gymnast and influencer Sophia Campana (protagonist of the reality show Ginnaste: Vite Parallele), the influencers Asia Busciantella and Silvia di Santo (Il Collegio di RAI2), the influencer and model Megghi Galo, and still influencers and youtubers like Mariana Aresta, Gianmarco Zagato, Micol Ronchi, Ylenia Totino.