Liliana Cavani receives the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement at the Venice Film Festival

“I didn’t expect it,” he said Liliana Cavani about the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement which will be delivered to you on August 30 as part of the opening ceremony of the 2023 edition conducted by the godmother Caterina Murino.
The director from Emilia, the first female director to receive the coveted award, is happy to pave the way for the authors to come. “It’s interesting. It means that we can still think about it for some women who do this job”.
Here’s what he said on Denise Negri’s microphonesent to the Venice Film Festival on Sky TG24.

The cinema that teaches how to live

Liliana Cavani, director and screenwriter from Carpi, born in 1933, has waited a long time for the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement but the tribute comes at an important moment, made even more special by the release of The Order of Timefilm premiered in Venice, in Italian cinemas from 31 August.
Direction number thirteen by the author – who in her long career has also signed short films, documentaries and works for television – freely based on the homonymous essay by Carlo Rovelliis an opportunity to talk about books and films, with the latter being consumed more easily with today’s pace of life.
Does cinema teach us to live everyday life? Cavani has no doubts and says: “It is very nice to read novels but it takes time and it is difficult to pick up a book again. The cinema it is consumed in two hours and is able to give what a book gives”.

L’Ordine del Tempo, in cinemas from 31 August

The Order of Timedrama film with Claudia Gerini and Alessandro Gassmann leading a cast full of well-known faces of Italian cinema, from Edoardo Leo to Valentina Cervi, tackles the difficult and important theme of time through a daily story.
What kind of scenario would open up if humanity were to go extinct due to the impact of a meteorite on Earth? The imminent apocalypse forces the protagonists, a group of friends gathered for the birthday of one of them, to confront each other and with the deepest questions of existence. Liliana Cavani suggests to cling to two essential elements: love and faith.
“They help you think and maybe they are the only two states of mind that fill life”.

Liliana Cavani’s career and films

Liliana Cavani, Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement at the Venice Film Festival 2023, received two other Lifetime Achievement Awards: the David di Donatello in 2012 and the Golden Ciak in 2009.
Veteran of the Venice Film Festival, she has had some of the greatest actors of Italian and international cinema on her sets, by Claudia Cardinale to Marcello Mastroiannifrom Mickey Rourke to John Malkovich.
Intellectual, nonconformist and subversive, she has signed aesthetically significant and reflective films that have given her a specific place in Italian and world cinema. Among her most appreciated works of her: The night porter (1974), The Skin (1981)Berlin interior (1985), Francis (1989). Also many i documentaries, about Stalin, the Third Reich, the Resistance. Among the most famous, The woman in the Resistance of 1965.