Liliana Resinovich case, body exhumed at the end of the month

The experts have been called to confer the task

The body of Liliana Resinovichthe 63-year-old who disappeared from Trieste on 14 December 2021 and was found dead on the following 5 January in the park of the former psychiatric hospital of San Giovanni not far from her home, it will be exhumed by the end of January. This was announced by the head of the Trieste Prosecutor’s Office, Antonio De Nicolo.

“The deputy prosecutor of Trieste Maddalena Chergia, owner of the relevant proceeding, has ordered, with the non-repeatable technical assessment procedure, the assignment of the task of exhuming the body of Mrs. Liliana Resinovich to a panel of consultants”, we read in the note from the prosecutor, who recalls that the exhumation was “reported as appropriate” by the prosecutor’s consultant, Cristina Cattaneo

The prosecutor, we read further in the note, “has therefore established, for a date which falls towards the end of this month, the summoning before him of the experts called upon to carry out these delicate operations, giving due notice to the next of kin of the deceased and to their respective lawyers. Predictably, the formal assignment of the task will be promptly followed by the planned consultancy activity”.