Lily-Rose Depp comes out, who’s girlfriend 070 Shake

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The actress and model Lily-Rose Depp (23 years old), daughter of the actor Johnny Depp and the French singer and actress Vanessa Paradis, has formalized her relationship with rapper 070 Shake (age 25), born Danielle Balbuena. After months of rumors in this regard, Lily-Rose Depp has in fact chosen Instagram as a channel to formalize the love story with the rapper, which has been going on for four months.

The (ex) story with Timothée Chalamet

Lily-Rose Depp and Timothee Chalamet they had bonded in the fall of 2018 after they met on the set of the historical film The Kingloosely based on William Shakespeare’s Henry V. Since then, the two had shared a relationship of about two years until they also appeared together on one of the red carpet most loved and important in the world: that of Venice Film Festival. The reason for their breakup has never been officially clarified, but it should be attributed to both remoteness problem than to the very busy agenda of both. After Timothée Chalamet, the actress and model Depp seems to have had a few more flirtinglike the one with Austin Butler (actor acclaimed by audiences and critics for his role in Elvis), but never anything serious.

Lily-Rose Depp and 070 Shake: the new couple

After the love story with the actor Timothée Chalamet, which ended in 2020, Lily-Rose Depp had no longer been involved in any important or noteworthy relationship, until today. The young Depp, who recently declared that she had a fluid sexuality and did not want to be labeled in any way, is now in love again: it is about the American rapper and songwriter 070 Shake, born Danielle Balbuena. The actress and model has in fact chosen to make her story official with her new girlfriend through a instagram story accompanied by the phrase «4 months with mine crush» (or “cotta”); story immediately re-shared also in the profile of 070 Shake. The caption in support of the Instagram story, would confirm i rumors that had been circulating for some time regarding the relationship between the two, since it was assumed that they had been together for a few months already. The two, in fact, during the last one Fashion Week held in Paris from February 27 to March 7, had been portrayed together in rather intimate attitudes, but neither Lily-Rose Depp nor Danielle Balbuena had chosen to release an official confirmation. Now, the two are very close, and officially confirm their love story.

Lily-Rose Depp’s new projects

Lily-Rose Depp is also in the spotlight right now for another reason: Sam Levinson’s HBO series The Idoleagerly awaited, which will have its world premiere at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival (THE SPECIAL). In the TV series, Lily-Rose Depp plays a young pop star involved in a complicated relationship with the leader of a cult, played by singer The Weeknd, who co-produced the project together with Levinson himself.