Lino Banfi and his wife’s illness: he revealed his greatest desire to everyone

Lino Banfi and the illness of his wife Lucia: the actor has revealed his greatest desire to everyone.

His career began 60 years ago and since then Lino Banfi has conquered the public. There are many films that have seen him in the cast and also as the protagonist. One of the first films in the cinema in which you starred was in 1960, a few years later it landed on the small screen.

Lino Banfi, wife (credits: youtube)

The actor for 60 years, the same since the beginning of his career, is related to his wife Lucia Lagrasta. From their love two children were born, Walter and Rosanna. In recent weeks Banfi has confided in the weekly Intimmunty revealing the particular request that his wife made to Pope Francis and that the actor reported to the pontiff through a letter. The woman, as she says, has asked to be able to die together with her beloved, hand in hand, just as they have been for 60 years. In the letter Banfi writes: “I asked the Holy Father what you asked me. I told him about your desire, to leave together, at the same time, holding hands as we have always done in our life “.

The actor told the magazine People instead of his desire, a desire that refers to his wife. We know that the woman is suffering from Alzheimer’s. Here, in reference to his state he revealed his dream: what he declared.

Lino Banfi and his wife’s illness: the actor has revealed one of his great wishes

Lino Banfi has been linked to Lucia Lagrasta for about 60 years, with whom he had two children, Walter and Rosanna. Lattore and his wife are very close, the love they feel for each other is evident in all circumstances and in all words. For example, Lucia made a very moving request to Pope Francis. She requested that she be delivered through a letter written by Banfi to the pontiff.

The actor’s wife asked him to be able to die together with her beloved, hand in hand, as they have traveled all their lives, always together. But the actor also apparently has a great desire. In fact, the weekly Gente made it known, following the question he had been asked, his desire. What did he tell?

flax banfi wife sickness
Lino Banfi, wife (credits: youtube)

Banfi has a beautiful dream, that of being able to spend as much time as possible with his wife: “I know that the disease my wife is suffering from I cannot stop it but I can slow it down. Here, my greatest desire is to spend as much time as possible together “, he confessed. Lucia has Alzheimer’s, a degenerative neurological disease characterized by memory loss and which also affects other intellectual abilities. The actor knows that he cannot stop the disease and for this reason he has only one dream, that of being able to spend more time alongside his beloved him-