Lino Banfi, sad confession: leaves everyone speechless talking about death

Lino Banfi displaces everyone, the sad confession about death leaves everyone completely speechless: the words of the beloved actor

He is the famous actor of the Italian comedies and the beloved Nonno Libero in the fiction broadcast on Rai 1 that made the history of the 90s and more, Un Medico in Famiglia. Season after season, Lino Banfi has become the ‘grandfather of TV’ and we are tied to that character.

Lino Banfi, the confession on death displaces everyone (Credits: youtube)

Perhaps not everyone is aware of the fact that the actor’s real name is not Lino Banfi, however today we know and love the beloved actor who has made his enormous contribution to the history of Italian television. Born in 36, Lino Banfi made his debut on the big screen in the 1960s with the film Howlers at the Bar.

After his debut in the cinema, he then conquered the public with the different roles played on the small screen. This year the beloved actor reaches the age of 86, and interviewed by the weekly Libero, Lino Banfi has let himself go to a bitter confession about death. The words of the Apulian actor left everyone speechless.

Lino Banfi talks about death: the actor’s confession displaces

Beloved actor who has achieved success as the very likeable Free Grandfather in the Fiction A Doctor in the Family. Lino Banfi he literally won us over. Close to his 86 years, the actor interviewed by Libero made a confession that left everyone speechless.

They are my last ‘cartridges’, age is what it is“, Said Lino Banfi who let himself go to words that we never wanted to hear. His confession about death put us in front of a harsh reality that literally blew us away. However, the actor later added: “I don’t want to stop right now that I’m starting to love myself again,” he said.

flax banfi morte
(Credits: youtube)

At the moment, Lino Banfi would have made it known that he has a project at stake with Al Bano and that he would not mind at all to take on the role of Nonno Libero again for a new season. Would you like to see it again on these screens? To us a lot!