Lino Banfi’s wife died: ill for some time

Lino Banfi’s wife died in these hours: the woman had been ill for some time and the actor himself had repeatedly expressed his pain for his illness.

Lino Banfi’s wife, Lucia Zagaria, passed away: she had been suffering from Alzheimer’s for some time. Her daughter Rosanna gave the terrible news. With a post on her social media, she greeted her mother, wishing her a good trip.

In these hours Lino banfi’s wife passed away-Credits: youtube (sologossip)

The actor had been linked to the woman for over 60 years. A happy marriage that led to the birth of two children. Banfi himself, in an old interview given to the weekly Intimità, had spoken of his beloved and of the desire he had expressed to Pope Francis. In fact, he had expressed the will to be able to die together, hand in hand, as they have lived in all these years of life together.

So he wrote in that letter, reporting that ‘dream’ that he chased with all his might. The actor had also confessed to being aware of not being able to stop his wife’s illness but of being able to slow it down: “My greatest desire is to spend as much time together as possible”, He said. Today, however, Lucia said goodbye to us, leaving a great void in the heart of her family.

Lino Banfi, his wife Lucia died: the woman had been suffering from Alzheimer’s for some time

Lino Banfi’s wife passed away a few hours ago. The announcement of her disappearance was given by her daughter Rosanna who greeted her mother through her instagram channel page: “Hi Mami, now you are like that again. Have a good trip”he wrote accompanying.

lino banfi, his wife died
Lino Bnafi’s wife passed away in these hours-Credits: instagram (sologossip)

In the post, she disclosed a photo of her mother when she was young, in black and white, while sitting on a chair next to a table, eating an ice cream. Her smile stands out strongly, serene and full of life. The woman’s daughter had spoken several times during the TV broadcasts of the disease that had struck her mother. In an old interview with Verissimo you had told some details of their days. She had said that her mother was constantly looking for her father, she always felt the need to have him near her: “He always looks for it and this always comes before everything else, before anything else”he had confided.

In addition to Rosanna, the couple also have another son, Walter. The disappearance was announced several hours ago, with a post on social media. At the moment, no statement has yet been received from Banfi, closed in pain for having lost the woman of his life.