Lino Guanciale, incredible background: he does it before every take

Not everyone imagines this background on Lino Guanciale: he is a very famous actor, but before each take he makes an incredible gesture.

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Few know this background on Lino Guanciale. Credits: Instagram

Telling the career of Linen Pillow it’s really impossible. At first a sportsman and later an actor, the good Guanciale began to take his first steps in this world around the early 2000s. In fact, it was in 2003 that he graduated from the Silvio National Academy of Dramatic Art. D’Amico in Rome. And, soon after, he starts working in theaters, on the small and big screen. To date, the very nice Lino has reached truly impressive levels, boasting a fairly experienced career. Not everyone, however, knows that – despite being the classic “stage animal – the beloved actor from Avezzano continues to have a” superstitious “gesture. On TV Sorrisi e Canzoni back in 2016, in fact, Lino Guanciale told everything he does before each take. Ready to learn more about this background? Let’s find out.

Lino Guanciale does it before every take: the background that you would never have imagined

Do you also have a superstitious gesture or a “ritual” that you perform before any very important event? You are not the only ones! Apparently, even Lino Guanciale has one that he repeats before each take. It was the person concerned who revealed everything during an interview with Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni in 2016. At the time of his “chat” with the well-known weekly, Lino Guanciale was at the center of the attention of the Italian public for his role in “Don’t tell my boss” and “The system”. It is precisely for this reason that he has extensively talked about these two works of his. But not only.

“I do it before every take”, these are the exact words that Lino Guanciale said on TV smiles and songs, revealing the gesture used to do before going on stage. We are talking about a simple snap of the fingers, but which – apparently – makes him relax. It’s not over here at all, though! At the weekly, he revealed that he used to repeat gestures in even numbers when he is nervous. And to pronounce a sentence 13 times. In short, a truly incredible background.

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Would you have ever imagined it?