Lino Guanciale, who is his wife Antonella Liuzzi and what does he do in his life

Have you ever seen Lino Guanciale’s wife? Her name is Antonella Liuzzi, let’s get to know her better: who she is and what she does in life

It has just returned to the screens with a brand new fiction to follow and discover. Lino Guanciale is one of the most loved and followed Italian actors. Together with Aurora Ruffino the two are the protagonists of ‘Noi’, the new fiction broadcast on Rai 1.

Is Antonella Liuzzi the wife of Lino Guanciale? Who is her and what makes her in her life: let’s find out more about her (Credits: Instagram)

Not just an actor! Although this is his great passion, apparently it is not the only one. Linen Pillow he’s not only a great actor, but he’s also a fabulous companion and a sweet dad. Have you ever seen his life partner? There wife of the well-known actor is called Antonella Liuzzi. What do we know about her? Let’s find out together!

Antonella Liuzzi is the wife of Lino Guanciale: who she is and what she does in life

They got married in great secrecy and love each other more than ever. Linen Pillow and Antonella Liuzzi they are a very close-knit couple who got married in secret in July 2020. Only after the celebration of the wedding, the actor on his social profile made the wonderful news known to everyone, collecting likes and wishes!

After the wedding, in November 2021, two became 3. Lino Guanciale and his wife Antonella had their first child, Pietro. Deeply in love and accomplices to each other, they are both very reserved. They have chosen to keep their beautiful love story private and out of the spotlight. However, some little information on the wife of the well-known actor, we were able to recover it. Who is Antonella Liuzzi and what does she do in her life?

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Credits: Instagram

They met away from the cameras. No sets and no backstage for the beautiful couple. It seems that the two met for the first time at the Bocconi University in Milan where Antonella worked.

Yes, because Lino Guanciale’s wife is a teacher. Antonella Liuzzo’s professional curriculum is quite colorful: from 2013 to 2015 she collaborated with the Bocconi University of Milan first as a Teaching Assistant of the Mergers and Acquisition course and then as a Researcher at the M & A Observatory. Since 2015 she has been the Program Coordinator of the Master in Corporate Finance at SDA Bocconi School of Management. But she does not end there, because besides being a teacher she is also a partner and President of the Board of Directors of Greenblu srl, a company that deals with the management of hotel facilities.

To date, however, as well as a career woman she is also a very sweet mother and a splendid wife. Don’t you think they are a really nice couple?