Listen to TV, Alberto Angela’s ‘Wonders’ on Rai 1 win the evening

The second appointment with the ‘Stars of Europe’ conquers 2,686,000 viewers

The second episode of ‘Wonders – Stars of Europe’ gave Rai1 the ratings victory in yesterday’s prime time with 2,686,000 viewers and a 16.4% share. Canale 5 with the ‘Sissi’ series obtained 2,060,000 viewers and 12.7%. Third classified Rai3 with the film ‘Sister Act 2 – More screwed than ever’ which recorded 1,772,000 viewers and a 10% share.

Just off the Italia 1 podium with the film ‘Now You See Me – Crime Wizards’ seen by 1,165,000 viewers equal to 6.7% share, followed by number of viewers by ‘Mi casa es tu casa’ which on Rai2 totaled 658,000 with 3.9%, while on Retequattro ‘Controcorrente’ won 657,000 viewers and a 4.4% share. Tv8 with the film ‘A flight to Christmas’ involved 636,000 viewers with 3.6% while on La7 the film ‘A poor rich’ gathered 604,000 viewers and a 3.3% share. Yesterday’s prime time ranking closes with the film ‘Fasten your seat belts’, followed by 257,000 viewers equal to a 1.5% share.