Listen to TV, Big Brother Vip wins prime time

Head to head between Rai3 with ‘Report’ and Rai1 with the film ‘Le Mans 66 – The great challenge’

Channel 5 with ‘Big Brother Vip’ won last night’s prime time with 2,819,000 viewers, 23.21% share. Head to head between Rai3 with ‘Report’, followed by 1,885,000 viewers (10.67% share) and Rai1 with the film ‘Le Mans 66 – The great challenge’ which totaled 1,874,000 viewers and a share of 12 .05%.

Rai2 off the podium with the film ‘A kiss before Christmas’ achieved 1,291,000 viewers (6.86% share) while on Italia1 the film ‘Die Hard – A good day to die’ involved 1,150,000 viewers ( share of 6.23%). On Retequattro the film with Alberto Sordi ‘The Marchese del Grillo’ obtained 892,000 viewers (5.57% share).

On Nove ‘Ammutta Muddica’ was seen by 510,000 viewers (2.92% share) while on La7 ‘Grey’s Anatomy 18’ was followed by 385,000 viewers (2.27% share). He closes prime time ratings on TV8 with the film ‘Un Natale x2’, followed by 306,000 viewers (1.7% share).

In prime time access on Canale 5, ‘Striscia la Notizia’ obtained 4,218,000 viewers and a 19.89% share, while on the flagship network in Viale Mazzini, ‘Soliti Ignoti – Il torna’ involved 4,174,000 viewers, equal to one share of 19.55%. In the early evening slot on Rai1 ‘L’Eredità’ was seen by 3,884,000 viewers (23.14% share) while on Canale 5 ‘Caduta libera’ totaled 3,155,000 viewers and a 19.23% share.

Overall, the Mediaset networks won prime time with 8,650,000 viewers and a 42.24% share, late evening with 4,658,000 viewers and a 49.15% share and the entire day with 3,431,000 viewers and a share of 39.99%.