Listen to TV, ‘Black Out – Suspended lives’ beats Big Brother Vip

The Rai1 mystery drama conquers 3,802,000 viewers equal to a 22.9% share against the 2,780,000 viewers and 20.6% share of the reality show

The mystery drama of Rai1, ‘Black Out – Vite sospese’ beats ‘Big Brother Vip’ and wins prime time on Monday, conquering 3,802,000 viewers equal to a 22.9% share against 2,780,000 viewers and the 20.6% share of the competition’s program on Canale 5. On the third step of the podium is ‘boss incognito’ on Rai2 with Max Giusti, thanks to 1,409,000 viewers and a 7.7% share.

Followed, in order: ‘Presa Direct’ on Rai3 with 1,345,000 viewers and 6.7% share; ‘Death Race’ on Italia1 with 1,167,000 and 5.8%; ‘Quarta Repubblica’ on Rete4 with 879,000 and 5.5%; ‘Eden – A planet to save’ on La7 with 461,000 and 2.6%; ‘Long live Italy’ on the Nove with 360,000 and 1.8%; ‘Men in Black: International’ on Tv8 with 334,000 viewers and a 1.7% share.

In prime time access, Rai1 achieved with ‘Prima Festival’ an audience of 4,747,000 viewers equal to a 20.8% share and with ‘Soliti Ignoti’ 5,684,000 and 25.1% against ‘Striscia la Notizia’ which on Canale5 gathered 4,466. 000 viewers and 19.7% share.

In the early evening, Rai1 always prevailed with ‘L’Eredità’ which conquered 4,898,000 viewers equal to a 26.5% share, while on Canale5 the program ‘Avanti un Altro’ achieved 4,038,000 viewers equal to a 22% share.