Listen to TV, ‘Black Out – Suspended Lives’ on Rai1 wins

With 21.7% and 3,962,000 spectators. In second place, ‘Storia Di Una Ladra di Libri’ on Canale 5

The fiction ‘Black Out – Vite Sospese’, broadcast yesterday by Rai1, was the most watched program of prime time, with 3,962,000 spectators and a 21.7% share. In second place, ‘Storia Di Una Ladra di Libri’ on Canale 5, with 1,291,000 spectators and an 8% share. Third placement for ‘Le Iene’ on Italia 1, with 1,246,000 spectators and a 9.2% share. Fourth place for ‘Boomerissima’ on Rai2, with 1,143,000 spectators and a 6.9% share. Alessia Marcuzzi’s program collects an average of 7.7% after 3 episodes, a result deemed important for the second public service network which for years has not found a new prime time brand that could also make inroads into younger audiences .

To follow, among other prime time ratings: ‘diMartedì’ on La7 (1,065,000 spectators, 6.2% share), ‘Fuori dal Coro’ on Rete 4 (928,000 spectators, 6.4% share), ‘CartaBianca’ on Rai3 ( 893,000 viewers, 5.3% share), ‘Parker’ on Nove (498,000 viewers, 2.8% share), ‘Six Presents for Christmas’ on Tv8 (365,000 viewers, 1.9% share).

In the morning, the success of Fiorello’s ‘Viva Rai2’ was still notable, which from 7.15 to 8 totaled 637,000 spectators with a 14.2% share, and which in the nightly rerun on Rai1 with the title ‘Viva Rai 2! And a little Rai1 too records 239,000 spectators with an 8% share. The new course of Rai2, which started with the arrival of Fiorello, also gives good results in the late evening, with ‘Stasera C’è Cattelan su Rai2’, which totals 463,000 spectators with a 6.8% share.