Listen to TV, ‘Don Matteo 12’ wins the prime time again

Second at a distance ‘Seriously’, the film ‘Vanguard – Special Agents’ is third. Overall, the plays in the 24 hours go to the Mediaset networks

The Rai1 tv series in prime time yesterday, ‘Don Matteo 12’, wins prime time with 15.8% share and 2,372,000 spectators. ‘Seriously’ on Canale 5 it chases it but at a distance with 12.25% share and 1,681,000 spectators. The film ‘Vanguard – Special Agents’ on Italia1 brings home the 7.47% share with 1,124,000 spectators. And on Rete 4 for ‘Dritto e Rovescio’, broadcast without the conduct of Paolo Del Debbio due to Covid, the spectators are 919,000 and the share equal to 7.89%.

Following the film with Giallini, ‘Io sono Tempesta’ on Rai2, it gathers 860,000 spectators in front of the small screen with a 5.61% share. ‘Atletica Diamond League – Oslo’ on Rai 3, on the other hand, totaled 723,000 spectators with a 4.51% share. For the PiazzaPulita Speciale – Senza pace ‘on La7 646,000 spectators and a 4.17% share. On Nove ‘Only Fun – Comico Show’ it then involves 478,000 spectators equal to 3.1% share, while on Tv8 the culinary talent show ‘Antonino Chef Academy’ registers 1.8% share with 278,000 spectators.

Overall, the plays in the 24 hours go to the Mediaset networks with 2,689,000 spectators and a 38.15% share (the Rai networks totaled 2,466,000 spectators and a 34.99% share). Prime time also sees Mediaset at the top with 6,400,000 spectators and a 39.36% share (the Rai networks totaled 5,805,000 spectators and a 35.7% share). Finally, the second evening: the Cologno Monzese networks recorded 3,352,000 spectators with a 42.99% share, while for the Rai networks the share was 29.51% and 2,328,000 spectators.