Listen to TV, Inter-Milan wins prime time

Second place for the reply of Imma Tataranni- Deputy Prosecutor, third Le Iene

There Champions League semifinal staged last night at San Siro between Inter and Milan, it delivered prime time to Canale 5 with 8,268,000 viewers and a share of 34.92%. Second step of the podium for Rai1 with the repeat of the second series of ‘Imma Tataranni – Deputy Prosecutor‘, followed by 2,950,000 viewers equal to a share of 14.69%. Third place for Italia1 with ‘Hyenas‘ which obtained 1,299,000 viewers and an 8.44% share.

Off the podium on La7 ‘DiMartedì’ obtained 1,184,000 viewers and a 6.05% share while on Retequattro ‘Fuori dal coro’ involved 831,000 viewers (5.09% share). On Raidue the film ‘How I become beautiful!’ it was followed by 754,000 viewers (3.98% share) while on Rai 3 ‘#Cartabianca’ was seen by 754,000 viewers, reaching a 4% share. The ratings of prime time TV8 close with ‘Quattro Matrimoni’, followed by 234,000 viewers (1% share), and Nove with the film ‘Derailed – Lethal Attraction’ seen by 221,000 viewers (1.1% share).