Listen to TV, ‘La Fortuna di Laura’ on Rai1 wins prime time

Fiorello in the morning on Rai2 at 16.1%

The tv movie ‘La Fortuna di Laura’, broadcast by Rai1 for the series ‘Provided it ends well’, was the most watched program of prime time, with 2,657,000 spectators and a 16% share. In second place, the film ‘In Vacanza su Marte’ on Canale 5, with 1,963,000 spectators and a 12% share. In third place, ‘Endless’ on Italia 1, with 1,035,000 spectators and a 5.9% share.

To follow, between the other prime time ratings: ‘Speciale Piazza Pulita’ on La7 (833,000 spectators, 4.8% share), ‘Frozen Planet II – Enchantment of ice’ on Rete4 (769,000 spectators, 4.6% share), ‘Che c’è di Nuovo’ on Rai2 (559,000 spectators , share 3.9%), ‘Lansky’ on Rai3 (554,000 spectators, share 3.3%), ‘Harry Potter: Return to Hogwarts’ on Tv8 (517,000 spectators, share 3.1%), the Manchester City-Liverpool match on the Nove (428,000 spectators , share 2.3%). In the morning, the positive streak of Fiorello’s show ‘Viva Rai2’ continueswith 751,000 spectators and a 16.1% share.