Listen to TV, Lolita Lobosco still wins on Rai1

Second step of the podium for Rai3 with ‘Che Tempo che fa’

Another clear victory in yesterday evening’s prime time for the fiction ‘The investigations of Lolita Lobosco’ broadcast on Rai1 seen by 5,073,000 viewers equal to a share of 27.7%. Second step of the podium for Rai3 with ‘Che Tempo che fa’ followed by 2,221,000 viewers (10.8% share). Third place for Canale 5 with the film ‘It’s for your good’ which totaled 1,842,000 viewers and a 9.47% share.

Following on Italia1 the film ‘The legend of Tarzan’ involved 1,159,000 viewers (6.03% share) while on La7 ‘Non è l’Arena’ was followed by 996,000 viewers reaching a 6.76% share . On Rai2 the series ‘NCIS Los Angeles’ was seen by 829,000 viewers (4% share) and, subsequently, the first episode of the 13th series ‘Blue Bloods 13’ totaled 803,000 viewers (4% share). On Retequattro ‘Zona Bianca’ obtained 646,000 viewers registering a share of 4.38%. TV8 prime time ratings close with ‘Bruno Barbieri 4 Hotel’, followed by 600,000 viewers (2.9% share) and Nove with ‘Only Fun – Comedian Show Only Best’ seen by 283,000 viewers (1.5% share %).

In prime-time access on the flagship network ‘Soliti Ignoti – The return’ it recorded 4,973,000 viewers and a 24% share, overtaking the competition from Canale 5 which with ‘Paperissima Sprint’ achieved 2,995,000 viewers and a 14% share .4%. In the pre-evening slot ‘L’Eredità’ confirmed its leadership in the pre-evening slot with 4,604,000 viewers and a 25% share. On Channel 5, however, ‘Come on another! Story’ involved 3,455,000 viewers equal to a 19.12% share.

Overall, the Rai networks won the prime time with 9,211,000 viewers (44.7% share), the second with 3,791,000 viewers (39.6%) and the whole day with 3,929,000 viewers of media and a share of 40.6%.