Listen to TV, Montalbano wins the evening of 12 October

The high definition replica of the episode ‘La gita a Tindari’ reaches 3,022,000 viewers and an 18.2% share

Inspector Montalbano wins the evening of 12 October. The high-definition replica of the episode ‘La gita a Tindari’ gave Rai1 the record in the TV ratings of yesterday’s prime time, thanks to 3,022,000 viewers and an 18.2% share. On Canale 5 ‘Emigratis’ instead obtained 2,019,000 viewers and 14.4%, while Rai3 with ‘Who has seen it?’ it took third place with 1,644,000 viewers and a 10.2% share.

Just off the podium Italy 1 which with the film ‘3 days to kill’ totaled 1,252,000 viewers and 7.3%, followed by Rai2 which with ‘Delitti in Paradiso’ recorded 1,017,000 viewers and 5.4% %, while on Retequattro ‘Controcorrente’ it was seen by 718,000 viewers equal to 5.2% share. La7 with ‘A special day’ collected 705,000 viewers and 4% and Tv8 with ‘X Factor 2022’ interested 447,000 viewers with 2.7%. Nine closes the ranking of prime time with the film ‘Apocalypto’, seen by 288,000 viewers equal to 1.8% share.

‘Soliti Ignoti – Il Return’ of Rai1 confirms its leadership of access prime time with 4,148,000 viewers and a 20.3% share, while ‘Striscia la Notizie’ on Canale 5 recorded 3,532,000 with one share 17.3%. Also in the pre-evening the Rai flagship network is leading with ‘Chain reaction’ which with 4,198,000 viewers and 25.4% got the better of ‘Free Fall’ of Canale 5, seen by 2,798,000 viewers equal to 17 , 7% share.

Overall, it is a substantial head-to-head between Rai and Mediaset networks, with the former having conquered the 24 hours, with 3,043,000 viewers and a 37.84% share (Mediaset: 3,011,000 with 37.43 %), while the latter won the prime time, with 7,554,000 viewers and a 38.02% share (Rai: 7,535,000 with 37.92%), and the latter evening with 3,278,000 and 37.25% (Rai: 3,199,000 with 36.34%).