Listen to TV, prime time in Austria-Italy on Rai1

With a 20.05% share. Qatar 2022 World Cup opening at 30.1% in the afternoon

Victory for Rai1 in yesterday evening’s prime time with Italy’s friendly match lost against Austria, seen by 4,117,000 viewers (20.05% share). Second step of the podium for Rai3 with ‘Che Tempo Che Fa’ which totaled 2,741,000 viewers and a 13.05% share. Third place for Canale 5 with the film ‘Titanic’ followed by 1,971,000 viewers equal to a 14.01% share. Still on the football front and on Rai1, but in the afternoon, the Qatar 2022 World Cup Opening Ceremony was watched by 4,097,000 viewers with 30.1%, while the Qatar-Ecuador opening match was watched by 4,657,000 viewers with 29.5% .

Still in prime time Out of the podium Italia1 with ‘Reservoir Dogs present Inside’ involved 1,434,000 viewers (7.82% share) while on Rai 2 the series ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ was followed by 1,106,000 (5 .22% share). Also on Rai2 ‘Bull’ achieved 986,000 viewers and a share of 4.94% while on La7 ‘Non è l’Arena’ achieved 740,000 viewers and a share of 5.18%. On Retequattro ‘Zona Bianca’ won 658,000 viewers (4.66% share). Prime time ratings close with Nove with ‘The farmer is looking for a wife’, followed by 434,000 viewers (2.19% share) and Tv8 with the film ‘I love Shopping’ seen by 291,000 viewers (1.60% share) .