Listen to TV, Psg-Juventus wins the evening with 26.9%

The Champions League match broadcast by Canale 5

Paris Saint-Germain-Juventus, the Champions League match broadcast yesterday by Canale 5, won the audience of the evening with 5,055,000 viewers and a 26.9% share. On Rai1 the film ‘Nobody can judge me’ with Paola Cortellesi and Raoul Bova instead obtained 1,890,000 viewers and 11.2% while the debut of ‘DiMartedì’ on La7 won the third step of the podium with 954,000 viewers and 5.9%.

Fourth place in terms of number of viewers for Italia 1 with the film ‘On the wings of adventure’ which totaled 871,000 viewers and 5% share, while on Retequattro ‘Fuori dal coro’ it recorded 804,000 viewers and 6%. The second episode of #Cartabianca on Rai3 was seen by 696,000 viewers equal to 4.5%, head to head with Rai2 where the repetition of ‘A single hour there I would like’ involved 694,000 viewers with 3.73%. On Tv8 ‘Beijing Express – The Sultans’ route’ won 649,000 viewers and 4%, while Nove closed the prime time ranking with the film ‘Bad Company – Prague Protocol’ was followed by 305,000 viewers equal to 1.8 % share.

In the access prime time ‘Paperissima Sprint’ beat ‘Techetechetè’. In fact, the Canale 5 program obtained 3,472,000 viewers with 18.8% share, while that of Rai1 recorded 2,953,000 viewers with 15.15%. On the other hand, the picture of the early evening with Rai1 in the lead thanks to ‘Reaction to chain’, seen by 3,568,000 viewers equal to 26.7% share, against 2,401,000 and 18.6% of ‘Free fall’ on Channel 5.

Overall, the Mediaset networks did the ‘en plein’ winning the prime time, with 8,161,000 viewers and a 42.9% share, the second evening with 42.03% and 3,527,000 viewers, and midnight hours with 2,957,000 and a 39.6% share.