Listen to TV, Rai3 with ‘Che Tempo Che Fa’ wins the evening

Second on Rai1 the film ‘Qui rido io’, third the miniseries ‘Give me back my wife’ on Canale 5

Rai3 with ‘Che Tempo Che Fa’ hosted by Fabio Fazio won the ratings of yesterday’s prime time thanks to 2,593,000 viewers and a 13.5% share. The ‘Il Tavolo’ section obtained 1,855,000 viewers and 14.1%. On Rai1 the film ‘Qui rido io’ was seen by 1,660,000 viewers equal to 10.2% while the miniseries ‘Give me back my wife’ on Canale 5 won 1,506,000 viewers and a 9.9% share.

Just off the podium Italia1 which with the film ‘Barry Seal – An American Story’ recorded 1,039,000 viewers and a 5.8% share. The other programs of yesterday evening followed: on Tv8 the first episode of ‘GialappaShow’ (907,000 viewers, 5.1% share); on Rai2 ‘Crossword Mysteries’ (854,000 viewers, 4.4% share); on Retequattro ‘Controcorrente Speciale’ (765,000 viewers, 4% share); on Nove ‘Don’t Forget the Lyrics – Special Evening’ (593,000 viewers, 3.3% share); on La7 ‘In Onda Prima Serata’ (476,000 viewers, 2.5% share).

Rai1 with ‘Affari Tuoi’ won the ratings of prime time access thanks to 4,319,000 viewers and a 22.4% share, while Canale 5 with ‘Paperissima Sprint’ gathered 2,678,000 viewers and 14%. Even in the early evening, the Rai flagship network was in the lead with ‘L’Eredità’ which totaled 3,351,000 viewers and 23.9% against the 2,369,000 and 17.5% share obtained by ‘Avanti un Altro! Story’ on Channel 5.

‘En plein’ by the Rai networks which overall conquered prime time, with 7,931,000 viewers and a 41.38% share, late evening with 3,200,000 and 34.82%, and the whole day with 3,580,000 viewers and a 40.23% share.