Listen to TV, ‘Soliti Ignoti – Lotteria Italia’ wins the evening hands down

28.7% share and 4,813,000 viewers

‘Usual Unknowns – Italy Lottery’ gave Rai1 the ratings victory in yesterday’s prime time thanks to 4,813,000 viewers and a 28.7% share. In second place but far behind Canale 5 with ‘The most beautiful day in the world’ which recorded 1,686,000 viewers with 10.4%, followed by Rai2 which with the film ‘La Befana vien di notte’ obtained 756,000 viewers and 4.3% share.

Just off the Italia 1 podium with ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’, seen by 674,000 viewers equal to 4.1% while on Retequattro ‘Shall We Dance?’ it conquered 670,000 viewers with a 4% share. On Rai3 ‘The Magnificent 4 of laughter’ involved 599,000 viewers and 3.4% and Nove with ‘The Best Brothers of Crozza’ gathered 523,000 viewers in front of the screen, equal to 3%. On La7 ‘The Royals’ was seen by 335,000 viewers equal to 2.5% and on Tv8, which closes yesterday’s prime time ranking, ‘Super 8’ obtained 245,000 viewers with a 1.4% share.

In prime time access, ‘Striscia la Notizia’ on Canale 5 totaled 3,047,000 viewers and a 16.1% share. In the early evening, Rai1 dominated with ‘L’Eredità’ which recorded 3,742,000 viewers and a 23.3% share. On Channel 5 ‘Free fall!’ instead it totaled 2,743,000 viewers and a 17.2% share.

Overall ‘eb plein’ of the Rai networks which won prime time, with 7,792,000 viewers and a 41.92% share, late evening, with 3,605,000 and 38.11%, and the entire day with 3,601,000 viewers and a 40.43% share.