Lite in the living rooms of Barbara D’Urso: showgirl sentenced to pay 6000 euros

Lite in the living rooms of Barbara D’Urso: showgirl sentenced to pay 6000 euros; what happened and the details of the sentence.

A well-known Italian influencer was sentenced to pay six thousand euros. The decision was made by the Civil Court of Rome, which established that the influencer must compensate a famous presenter.

Live It’s not D’Urso (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

There dispute between the two was born on TV, during an episode of Live Non è la D’Urso, broadcast in June 2020. An episode during which a strong discussion was born between the two guests, which did not end on the small screen. The young influencer shared some images of her ‘rival’ on her social channel, but this gesture cost her dearly: among the photos she shared, in fact, there was a fake. Below are the details of the story.

Reported after the dispute by Barbara D’Urso: sentenced to pay 6000 euros

It all started a few years ago, during a debate in the studio of Live Non è la D’Urso. A heated discussion that saw protagonists Elena Morali and Enrica Bonaccorti, in addition to Simona Izzo. At the center of the squabble the respective careers of those present in the studio, who spared no attacks and digs to corroborate their theses.

In the midst of the discussion, Simona Izzo, commenting on Morali’s Instagram profile, exclaimed: “I don’t live photographing my buttocks all day”. Sentence to which Elena replied: “But some of you started like this years ago”, referring to Bonaccorti. What seemed like a usual discussion in a TV lounge, however, soon turned into something much more serious. Things got bad for Morali when she, after the showdown in the episode, she decided to move the dispute to social media.

The former competitor of La Pupa and the Nerdy Show, has, in fact, shared in his Instagram stories some shots that portrayed Bonaccorti without veils. “These ladies take the liberty of judging me for gossip and then their famous career, look at how it began”, were the words attached by Morali to the images, including a shot taken from a film from the 80s and a seaside shot. Too bad, however, that one of the photos Elena posted was fake and the person portrayed in the image was not the famous presenter at all. This is a Playboy-branded shot of another woman. An error that cost Morali dearly, who, as established by the judge, will have to pay 6 thousand euros in damages to Bonaccorti.

barbarian d'urso quarrel
Morali vs Bonaccorti (Credits Twitter)

“The defendant is responsible for having attributed to the person of the actress a potentially disturbing, vulgar image which in reality portrays another person”, reads the sentence of the judge of the Court of Rome, as reported by Repubblica.