Little Pieces of Marmelade, here is the Ologenesis of the noise lords

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Hologenesis (Vertigo / Believe) is the new album by Little Piece of Marmeladeamong the most interesting discoveries of X Factor ever (WATCH THE SPECIAL), produced by Manuel Agnelli, available on CD, VINYL and DIGITAL. Hologenesis is the second studio album of the most ‘noise’ Italian band of the last 20 years! It begins to take shape in the winter of 2021: DD (vocals and drums) and Frankie (guitars) after hours and hours spent in their studio in Filottrano (AN) engaged in endless sessions, start writing the record with a fundamental objective: experimenting to find a sound that would take them exactly where they wanted to go. What they are looking for is far from being the HI-FI sound of professional and glossy productions and focus on a dirty, instinctive and personal sound: “We started by recording drum grooves and guitar riffs. We composed them and then disassembled them and then reassembled them, sewn them and then unstitched them and came to a therefore gluing on the vocal line. We had fun a lot of testing and testing new solutions by creating songs, immediately affecting our ideas “, say the LPOMs. Theirs is an anti-aesthetic, anti-combed, anti-dressed-well aesthetic.

A ‘home’ genesis that therefore travels on two tracks: that of an accurate and scrupulous search for sound and the absolute freedom and instinct from the point of view of writing. So much so that the titles of the pieces maintain the chronological order in which the pieces were written. Another challenge for the band was writing texts in Italian. A challenge that, as they themselves say, at the beginning put them in great difficulty. After an initial period of bewilderment, however, DD managed to marry language and language with music. Dirty sounds and primal screams, dry sounds and sharp voice, psychedelic registers on crooked voices: all amalgamated by one lfrank, raw language and often provocative: “Coming out of the magic box of the TV and finding ourselves in the middle of a global pandemic marked us. When we finally could run, we were still, like everyone else. Without money, of course. Between the two waves, a tour. And if you are around you write little. When we got home we just wanted to write and throw out this sense of oppression “, declare the LPOM.

And it is precisely this sense of oppression / repression that acts as a semantic fil rouge: “What we have achieved with this album is our response to a stagnant historical time. It is fresh because it wants to be above all a liberating record”. In December 2021 the disc is practically ready and the two send the material to Manuel Agnelli just on New Year’s Day. The answer is not long in coming. On January 1st Agnelli wrote to the band, enthusiastic: “We met with Manuel and Guido Andreani in February at the Isola Studio in Milan and we started right from the auditions we had recorded in Filottrano. Manuel was fundamental, he rearranged our chaos and he encouraged us to continue on our way. We recorded the voices again and a few more songs referring to the sounds of our files. Guido immediately translated what both we and Manuel had in mind “, say LPOM. If we didn’t know them we would say that the Beastie Boys are back to enter a sort of psychedelic Distortland in which a chaotic noise delirium is combined with more delicate moods and absolutely contemporary grooves. With Ologenesi the Little Pieces of Marmelade continue their personal evolution. For more is the first album out for the label Vertigolabel linked to the already well-known Booking Vertigo agency