Live In Bari, interview with the Seltons: “’Welcome’ for us is an invitation to meet”. VIDEO

All three were born in Porto Alegre, Brazil, schoolmates in the same high school and then reunited in Barcelona by chance. Thus began the adventure of Selton, a Brazilian folk rock group composed of Ramiro Levy, Daniel Plentz and Eduardo Stein Dechtiar who – guests of the Sky Tg24 Live In event – told their latest album entitled Welcome: “It’s a pre -pandemic, for us it is an invitation to meet ”. But the band also talked about a project in the pipeline: “We are writing and producing a lot, we still don’t call it a record. We are three very creative heads, all three of us write, sometimes a piece arrives that is done and finished, sometimes it’s just a draft and we throw it into the cauldron and we all put our hands together, it’s a very collective process “(LIVE IN BARI , LIVE – THE PROGRAM AND THE GUESTS – LIVE IN THEATER).

“We live in a very narcissistic moment and world”

Welcome, they say, is “a message we wanted to give because we live in a very narcissistic world and moment and we truly believe that the sum of the differences can be more than dividing us. Then with the pandemic this ‘welcome’ has gained yet another meaning, we would like it to be possible to look at life from a slightly more empathic point of view ”. Then they explain that the single of the same name was written in the period in which “the ports had been closed, at that moment we felt so ‘unwelcome’ as foreigners who have lived in Italy for many years. We, even if we are privileged because we are here and we feel good here, we felt very left out ”.

“A nearby war pushes us to another sensitivity”

During the interview there was also talk of the war in progress in Ukraine: “For many years we have become accustomed to seeing wars always as something distant, both geographically and in time – said the Seltons – Now that it is happening at the gates it pushes us to have another sensitivity “.