Live In Courmayeur, Conte on Sky TG24: “I have no regrets about the management of the pandemic”

The former prime minister, who spoke during Sky TG24 Live In, recalls the beginning of the pandemic: “We tackled it with bare hands without an instruction booklet”. On the election of the President of the Republic: “We do not disdain the confrontation with the forces of the center right”. And the proposed constitutional reform on the mandates of the head of state “I don’t think it will change the ideas and beliefs of President Mattarella, we respect his will”

“I thought about it a lot, I don’t think I have any regrets, not because everything was perfect indeed, we could have done something better, we tackled the pandemic with our bare hands without an instruction book”. To say this is the former Prime Minister and leader of the M5S Giuseppe Conte who, interviewed on Sky TG24 Live In live from Courmayeur (THE STORY OF THE DAY), also speaking of the upcoming elections for the President of the Republic, reiterates: “We do not disdain the comparison with the forces of the center right “. And when asked about the possible candidacy of Silvio Berlusconi at the Colle he says: “With all due respect, he will not be the candidate of the M5S”. “I speak often with Beppe Grillo and we constantly discuss – he then observes – Every now and then we read a useless, pretext and controversial bla bla. Quarrels and frost? Absolutely not so”.

“At the beginning we did not have scientific evidence on the virus”

Speaking of his position as prime minister during the pandemic, Conte recalls that “we did not initially have scientific evidence on the virus” and reiterates “we started a vaccination campaign, without pride I don’t feel I have any regrets”. And on the question of wheeled benches: “It is a pretext, useless and sterile controversy, wheeled benches have been requested by school administrators”. Then questioned about the ongoing investigation into the work of the then extraordinary Commissioner Domenico Arcuri, Conte says: “If I had had any doubts I would have intervened, now I don’t know anything, if there are any investigations underway it is right that there are all the checks judicial. What I can wish Commissioner Arcuri is that he can come out of this investigation with his head held high, I would be very pleased for him, for all the efforts he has made, for the incredible work “.

“We respect Mattarella’s will”

Then questioned on the proposed constitutional reform on the mandates of the President of the Republic, Conte observes that “it is abstractly legitimate: we can change the Constitution but I don’t think this will change the ideas and beliefs of President Mattarella, a sensitive constitutionalist. Let’s respect his will and get ready to choose a person of high profile, a guarantor for everyone and who can represent national unity. “And on the hypothesis Draghi al Colle adds:” I must not repeat myself, no one excludes that Draghi has all the papers in order, however, there is a small detail who is the current prime minister in a government of salvation, a highly authoritative figure who is carrying out a delicate task, a balance pivot and we cannot keep silent about this.

“Quirinarie M5s? We don’t make fireplaces “

“Le Quirinarie? Our method is very simple, we do not rely on fireplaces but in comparison with parliamentarians to focus on the ideal profile for a highly prestigious personality representative of the moral and cultural wealth of our country – says Conte – Then we will start a confrontation with the political forces starting from those of the center-left, privileged interlocutors, but not disdaining the confrontation with the forces of the center-right, because it is a moral duty to broaden the election field because it is the maximum guarantee that it can represent everyone “. And on Berlusconi al Colle he adds: “Can Berlusconi win the favor of the 5 stars after the words on the rdc? That is something that makes him merit, he also demonstrates his sensitivity towards a problem of social equity. It was a very shrewd exit. but to correlate it with the quirinal perspective seems to me to offend that sensitivity of his which seems genuine to me. With all due respect for a leader of a majority force, he will not be the candidate of the 5-star movement. “

“M5s identity upset with 2 x thousand is trivial reading”

By joining the loan with the 2 x thousand “we do not distort our identity as I have trivially read”, then says Conte. “Refunds? All our members and therefore also parliamentarians know well that this principle cannot be questioned because our elected representatives made a commitment at the time of candidacy: to give back to the community – he adds – Our parliamentarians give back to the collectivity and on this point our DNA will not change because we believe that the emoluments of the Chamber and the Senate are excessive “.

“Minimum salary? We must offer more to young people “

Speaking about the minimum wage, which according to a Quorum / YouTrend survey for 36% of young people would be the best way to enhance them, Conte recalls: “Young people are those in precarious jobs, expense reimbursements, those who are satisfied with jobs for 3 -4 euros per hour. We will fight for the minimum wage, we must offer young people more. There is also a pension problem, we need a guarantee pension, a guarantee fund to supplement their pension treatment, we need intergenerational solidarity ”.