Live In, Di Maio on Sky TG24: Italy encourages US-Russia dialogue

The Foreign Minister, a guest of the two days in Aosta of Sky TG24, begins his interview by talking about young people: “Politics will take care of them. The form of participation each of us also decides on the basis of private happiness but I believe there will be a great need, even for young people to start from school “. On the current crisis: “There is concern about what is happening in the East. We must be careful that there is no escalation, for example in the face of Russian aggression scenarios. The conflict between Moscow and Kiev worries us has been going on for 7 years and has resulted in an impressive number of victims. I am confident that diplomatic efforts will be able to avoid the worst. Italy’s role is very firm, even in fostering dialogue between the US and Russia ”. On the extra-European fronts: “In Libya it was the triumph of multilateralism and I am optimistic about the elections, a great moment for the Libyan people”. On the formats to be used: “G20 is cheap, G7 is our home. And let’s not forget that Italy has managed to bring together the G20 on Afghanistan ”. Closing dedicated to the pandemic: “87% of the Italian people are vaccinated so the obligation is not a theme, we have an armor and everything that will be done will be done to protect our economy and our families. At the moment we are a model in Europe ”.