Live In Genoa, Cingolani: “Without digital security we are all in danger”

Security is the key word for the future that awaits us, no longer expressed only in the traditional sense. Leonardo’s CEO, Roberto Cingolani, reiterated this by underlining on several occasions that “without digital security we are all in danger”, interviewed by the director of Sky TG24 Giuseppe De Bellis during the second and final day of Live In Genoa. The topics of artificial intelligence and digital education were also at the center of the panel which featured the former minister of the Ecological Transition (FOLLOW THE LIVE IN GENOA).

“Europe must invest in security against threats”

According to Cingolani, what imposes a change of pace is the speed of technological progress and the great upheavals that have changed the contours of world geopolitics in recent years, highlighting how data have taken on a role of primary importance in the context of strengthening the security of states . “Europe is the second largest investor in the world in defence, which is not only made up of weapons”, explains Cingolani, “but nevertheless it cannot be said to be safe from threats”.

“We are all in danger without adequate digital security”

Threats that, now more than ever, are increasingly invisible. “Everything that is part of our lives is now connected to a digital system. We are, therefore, all in danger if the information is not cyber protected. To give an example, it is not very different from having or not having guardrails that put the roads on the bridges are safe”. “The dissemination of data undermines privacy and personal security”, underlines Leonardo’s CEO in detail, “and for this reason a shared approach to the topic is needed, which passes through an alliance between Italy and other European countries” .

“Computing power, memory and networks for a full transition”

But where is our country with regards to the digital transition? “Italy is not positioned so badly”, explains Cingolani. “To be up to the challenges, a digital society today must equip itself with great computing power, necessary for the algorithms underlying the financial, defense and health systems. Furthermore, large memories are needed for the large quantities of data that must be protected. The transfer must be safe and, for this, an increasingly complex network is needed, a network infrastructure, which has moved from copper to satellites”. Infrastructure that must be synergistic and homogeneous.

“We must act to compensate for the country’s digital immaturity”

Cingolani then reiterates the importance of informing citizens in a simple and effective way, to try to compensate for “digital immaturity” with which Italy is, unfortunately, still forced to deal. “We scientists must play a philanthropic role. Explain how technology and science work in the simplest way possible to achieve a conscious society.”

“Using artificial intelligence for the right tasks”

Finally, a reflection on artificial intelligence and the influence it has and will have on our lives. “It is a powerful and advanced tool, but still programmed and used by humans. It is up to humans to know how to make the best use of it. The right tasks? Health, space research and raw materials, all applications that are needed. The problem, also in this case, it is to educate the user on the best use of the technology”.