Live In Naples: Work, innovation and development. A look at the new generations

What kind of training is needed to guarantee today to young people entering the world of work? And how do supply and demand meet? We talk about it at Live In Naples with entrepreneurs and category representatives

There is a need for new skills and a new look towards the future, with feet firmly planted in the present. This is the guiding approach of the new generations entering the world of work or experiencing its changes. At Live In Naples, the SkyTg24 event that brings information around Italy, we will talk about work, innovation and development (THE PROGRAM AND THE GUESTS).

Together with the guests Elio Schiavochief enterprise & innovative solutions officer TIM, Gian Luca Orefice, director Human Capital and Org. of highways, Matthew Loritorector of the University of Naples Federico II e Jannotti Pecci president of the Industrial Union of Naples in a debate moderated by the Sky Tg24 journalist Vittorio Eboli, we will take stock of the training necessary for all new professions, but also of how supply and demand meet today or could better meet in the world of work, with a look at the new working scenarios in the smart cities of the future.

The appointment is for Saturday 1 April, starting at 10 to host the Sky Tg24 journalist Vittorio Eboli

Live In arrives in Naples

Live In is the event that brings Sky TG24 out of its television studios into Italian squares and cities. A journey that started from Courmayeur in December 2020 and which, after having also touched the cities of Bari, Venice, Florence and Bergamo, arrives in Naples on 31 March and 1 April with two days of live broadcasts, guests, interviews and debates.