Lives on the edge, David’s shocking story leaves everyone stunned: how is it today? A completely different person

The story of David told to Vite al Limite has left everyone stunned: have you seen how it has become today? He is a completely different person!

We are sure that many will remember its history and just as many are those who are curious to know what happened to it today and how it became after the program. Remember what happened to David during the tenth season of Lives on the Limit? Everyone was stunned to hear his words.

David Lives on the Limit. Credits: Discovery

As well as that of Larry, another protagonist of the last season of Lives on the Limit, David’s story was not at all simple. Son of a very young mother, the good Nelson said he was entrusted to a couple as a child, but that very soon he had to return to the family home again. A truly incredible decision, then, which sparked David’s obsession with food. Even when the young man managed to find another foster mother who looked after him right away and who loved him as if she were his biological mother, the situation has not changed at all over time. In fact, the young Nelson showed up with 346 kg to the cameras of Vite al Limite. What happened then? His path is not in the least comparable to that of Lisa, but let’s find out how it became today.

David di Vite al Limite: how is it today? To be stunned

Thanks to Robin – that’s her foster mom’s name – it seemed like that David had finally found happiness, but instead it was not at all like this. Although he was constantly looked after and had everything he could want, the young man continued to be obsessed with food and this did not make him at all satisfied with himself. From here, therefore, one can clearly understand his request for help from Dr. Nowzaradan. What happened, however, in the clinic? Did David also follow the diet set by the Iranian surgeon exactly? Absolutely yes! Already at the time of his participation in Vite al Limite, the young man had largely satisfied Dr. Younan’s requests, losing several kilos.

What happened once the spotlights were turned off? David completed his journey to the clinic 12 months after his request for help with almost 100 kg less. Are you curious to know how it has become today? We tracked him down on Facebook and – although he doesn’t usually share photos of himself – we still managed to track down a shot of him a few months ago and we couldn’t help but notice his further loss of weight. Watch it here:

david lives to the limit today
David today. Credits: Instagram

The results are there and you can see them, right? We hope, however, that David never stops and that he continues to pursue the path to weight loss.