Lives on the edge, Diana Bunch’s transformation causes a sensation – check it out here, it’s impressive

Diana Buch’s transformation during and after Vite al Limite is causing a stir: look at it here, it’s really impressive.

The story of Diana Bunch of Vite al Limite it was among the most dramatic of all ten editions of the program, but also among those that brought the most results. Became known by the audience of the docu-reality with a weight that exceeded 270 kg, the woman left the clinic in Houston with a double-digit weight.

Diana transformation. Credits: Discovery

How many times have we told you that the past of each of us can strongly influence the present? That’s what happens to the vast majority of Dr. Nowzaradan’s patients. Having become obese due to a dramatic past, each of them hides a particular story behind them. It’s the example of Larry, who has had to deal with several tragic deaths, or Lisa Ebberson, who became a widow in the middle of the show. Among all the difficult stories that, however, have been told over the years, one cannot help but remember also that of Diana Bunch, protagonist of Vite al Limite during its fifth season. To upset everyone, in fact, it was not only the reason that pushed her to gain more and more fat, but also her incredible transformation. Although the photo we were able to find is rather dated, we couldn’t help but how completely different the woman appeared from the beginning of her career in the clinic. Ready to see it?

The shocking transformation of Diana Bunch to Vite al Limite: sensational!

There have been some shocking transformations a Lives on the Limit, but this of Diana Bunch was among those that caused the greatest sensation. From a maximum of 273 kg, the woman came out of the Houston clinic completely transformed, weighing only 81. An unbeatable record, as you can clearly understand, and that she left everyone speechless.

Diana’s story is one of those that cannot fail to be mentioned! Molested by two older boys, Bunch found her only comfort in her food. She reached the age of 56 and unable to do anything, she realized that if she continued to eat she would die. So she asked Dr. Nowzaradan for help, who immediately put her back in line. How did you become you today? Diana, unfortunately, is not very active on her social channels and it is not known how she became after some time. However, we managed to track down this photo uploaded to Twitter in 2018. Would you like to see it too? Look here:

lives on the edge of transformation
Diana today. Credits: Twitter

Really shocking, don’t you think? We hope that even today, despite the past years, Diana has not lost the desire to think a little about herself.