Lives on the edge of thrills! Today he is a completely different person: shock transformation after the sensational decision

Transformation from chills to Lives on the Limit after the sensational decision: today the patient of Dr. Nowzaradan is a completely different person.

We’ve talked to you countless times about shock transformations a Lives on the Limit, but this one we will talk about in a few moments is creepy! The most shocking thing, however, is not the fact that Dr. Nowzaradan’s patient lost weight on her journey on the famous Real Time show, but that she gave birth to her transformation once she returned home. Really sensational, no doubt about it!

Lives to the sensational limit. Credits: Discovery

If you want to know carefully the story of this patient of Dr. Nowzaradan you have to go back in time and go exactly to the seventh season of Lives on the Limit. The undisputed protagonist of the nineteenth episode, the thirty-nine-year-old from Ohio told everyone about her her story, explaining what she pushed her to weigh a good 292 kg. The woman, in fact, said she began to have this attachment to food as a child when she, following a series of traumatic events, she saw her only outlet in her junk food. Used to eat everything she happened to her, the 39-year-old had to deal with a bitter reality: obesity! Let’s find out, however, together what happened in the clinic and how she is today.

From thrills after Lives at the Limit: look at it today, you will hardly recognize it

Many will remember its history, we are sure! Told during the seventh season of Lives on the Limit, Dr. Nowzaradan’s patient was among those who gave the Iranian surgeon the hardest time. As well as Angela Gutierrez, the protagonist of this ours had also joined the Houston clinic with all the good intentions of losing weight, but her journey did not prove her right at all. In fact, in the eighth month, the woman spontaneously chose to abandon the program, making all the results she had obtained up to that point in vain. In fact, she entered the clinic with 292 kg, but when she came out she weighed only 22 kg less. What happened then? Let’s proceed with order! At the moment, know that we are talking about Angie Johns.

As we said, what most left the audience of Lives on the Limits speechless was the transformation that Angie Johns gave birth to when she returned home. We, in fact, managed to track her down on Facebook and we were completely speechless to see her current physical shape. To date, in fact, Angie seems a completely different person! And this, of course, can only make us very happy. Are you curious to see it too? Take a look here:

creepy lives to the limit
Angie Johns today. Credits: Facebook

A transformation indeed creepy, don’t you think? Congratulations, dear Angie.