Living Farming Tree, the fully digitized IoT vertical vegetable garden

Imagine being able to have an entire garden inside your office. Think of a vertical vegetable garden, which extends over several levels, producing a different fruit, a vegetable, a different plant for each floor. Does it sound like science fiction? Wait and see the rest: what we are about to present to you is the Living Farming Tree, a completely digitized IoT technological garden model, which allows you to grow plants without land and (almost) without water but above all without human intervention, thanks to a system of artificial intelligence that monitors everything – from light to temperature, to the needs of individual plants – and is activated accordingly.

A garden connected to the cloud

“The Living Farming Tree is by far our most sophisticated technological product – explains Alessandro Granpa, co-founder of Hexagro – it is an IoT system, that is to say a system connected to the cloud, to the internet, which automatically manages to cultivate and manage the development of different plants in total autonomy “. The system uses a complex, defined methodology high aeroponic pressure: “Thanks to this technique we no longer need the earth – says Grampa – the roots develop directly in the air, inside cultivation modules in which water is nebulized with nutrients. This means that cultivation develops much more efficiently: thanks to this technology, plants absorb up to 20 thousand times more oxygen than a normal crop and save up to 98% of water compared to what is consumed in normal cultivation. on earth “.

An international team

Small fruits, vegetables, medicinal and aromatic plants: the Living Farming Tree can support an incredible variety of crops. Not only that: it is able to create dedicated environments, lights and temperatures, which allow plantations to grow and develop even out of season. The intelligent plant is the product of an international team of very young experts, all under 30: “In our team there are many engineers – explains Grampa – we take care of building the product from scratch, from the electronic components to the entire automation part. software of these systems. Once installed, the system must be able to function by itself ”.