‘Living in change’, the 11th edition of the CSR Exhibition in Milan

Many new features are planned, starting with the presentation of the new Ipsos research for the CSR Exhibition on the changes underway

The National CSR and Social Innovation Exhibition returns to Milan from 4 to 6 October: 115 meetings are scheduled at Bocconi University with over 450 speakers and 283 leading organizations including companies, institutions and non-profit entities. The 2023 edition, Living the change, is divided into 12 thematic areas: Living the house, Living the city, Living the culture, Living the community, Living the territory, Living the business, Innovating finance, Innovating energy, Innovating agrifood, Experiencing digitalisation, Innovating mobility and infrastructure, Innovating training and communication.

Many new features are planned, starting with the presentation, on Wednesday 4th at 10.30am, of the new Ipsos research for the CSR Show on the changes underway. At the center of the investigation are citizens’ preferences and the sacrifices they are willing to make to change the world they inhabit. Commenting on the results of the research together with the Ipsos speakers will be some young people who will thus open the event of which they will be protagonists with numerous initiatives.

Among these, on 6 October at 12pm the final challenge of Hackathon for Impact, the creative marathon organized as part of the CSR Giro d’Italia which saw university students and recent graduates from Udine, Naples and Bologna challenge each other in the creation of innovative circular economy. Also dedicated to young people is Meet the CSR Leaders, the initiative created in collaboration with Amapola which allows students, for all three days of the event, to book a one-to-one orientation session in person, lasting approximately 30 minutes, with one of the sustainability experts present at the Show.

Measuring your environmental impact and understanding how to improve it: all participants in the Show will be able to access this experience thanks to the Carbon Footprint Station, created by AWorld and presented for the first time in Italy at the CSR and Social Innovation Show. From a dedicated station it will be possible to discover your carbon footprint in real time and receive personalized ‘climate therapy’, a set of virtuous actions suggested based on the main individual impact factors, i.e. consumption, transport, lifestyle, shopping. And right now it is possible to participate in the Challenge that the Show is launching on the AWorld app: the goal is to carry out 100,000 good deeds for the planet and for people together by October 31st.

Still on the environmental theme, the three-day event in Milan contributes to Piantando’s Plastic Pull project. Furthermore, one of the ‘squares’ where the events take place will be partly powered by clean energy produced by spectators through special bikes, thanks to an activity managed by Teatro a Pedali in collaboration with Hitachi. Among the many meetings scheduled there is also the new ‘Ping Pong’ format, designed to activate a discussion between experts with two different points of view on sustainability, highlighting opportunities and critical issues in different areas: community, social economy, culture and finance. On October 4th at 5.30pm, the winners of the second edition of the Impact Award will be awarded, dedicated to businesses and non-profit associations that undertake to measure the impact of their activities.

To participate in the national exhibition, both in streaming and live, it is necessary to register on the exhibition website, where it is possible to consult the complete program of events, which will take place simultaneously in four ‘squares’ and two seminar rooms inside the Bocconi University in Via Roentgen 1 (Grafton building).